Cotto, Margarito Sign for "The Battle" in Las Vegas

It wasn't much of a surprise, and it didn't get much in the way of a creative name, but fight fans aren't likely to care. A bout that already has the boxing industry buzzing became a reality late Wednesday night when Miguel Cotto officially agreed to take on Antonio Margarito.

The fight will take place on July 26 on HBO PPV from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas - a slight disappointment to the staff here at BoxingWatchers.com, who certainly would have been up for attending it live had it ended up in Atlantic City. The collision between the undefeated Puerto Rican champ and the exciting Mexican challenger has been dubbed "The Battle," which is fitting if not terribly original.

"I get really excited about a fight like this because I know it can't be anything but great," Top Rank promoter Bob Arum told ESPN earlier today. "That's why we're calling it 'The Battle.' It's a tough-ass fight. Two real men fighting. There won't be any playing around. No ducking or dodging. These are two guys who will go at it. That is their style."

A press conference is expected for next week to start hyping the fight. In the meantime, everyone can start speculating about whether Cotto will finally run into a foe he can't handle, as no one on his impressive career hit list has come at him with the combination of volume and power he'll face from Margarito.

Uatu has already weighed in with his early thoughts. And while it's too early for me to make a prediction, I will say this: if you were thinking about gathering your friends who aren't boxing fans for a pay-per-view, do it for this one.

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