De La Hoya - Forbes Weigh In report

live from hbo.com

Bernard and JMM on the stage as the legendary Michale Buffer does the speaking.

Stevie Two Pounds Forbes out first. He's in a sweatsuit and headband.

Golden Boy is out next. Sweatsuit as well.

Forbes weighs in. It's great how Bernard is always over everyone's shoulder like he's seriously watching the weights for funny business, which he probably is. But he gets within inches of the opposing fighters as they weigh in. He does it for every fight and he gets right in their business.
Forbes: 150 even.

MAB is on stage now too.

Oscar 150 1/2 pounds.
Oscar took his socks off and got back on as Buffer was introducing MAB. No further announcements of weights though.
What's the limit for this fight? 150? Uatu not sure exactly what happened there.

Oscar is full of his usual theatrics and fist shaking. Photo op and that's it for the big timers.

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