Andre Dirrell - a new BoxingWatchers Favorite?

Uatu decided to watch Andre Dirrell vs. Anthony Hanshaw on Showtime OnDemand today, and he was very impressed. Unlike his fight with Curtis Stevens of Chin Checkers fame, Dirrell was offensive-minded and exciting. He is ultra-fast with his hands, has some quick footwork and does the switching back and forth between sides thing, but unlike Junior Witter last night, he does it effectively. He punished Hanshaw before getting the mid-round TKO victory.

He is also from Flint, Michigan, where the BoxingWatchers have family residing. So he is a fighter to keep an eye on, and looks to have a bright future at 168. At the very least, he will hold a title at some time. Any time he is on TV from now on the BoxingWatchers will be, of course, watching.

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