HBO Predictions: Cintron-Margarito and Cotto-Gomez

The Franchise says...

I'm actually a little jealous that Spartan is covering these fights because the Kermit Cintron-Antonio Margarito scrap should be a good one. Of course, I thought that the first time they fought back in 2005, and Margarito had very little trouble disposing of Cintron in five rounds.

Kermit has rebounded nicely since then, posting five knockout victories in a row. The Killer lived up to his nickname for sure in 2007, blasting out Walter Matthysse and delivering all kinds of punishment to Jesse Feliciano. It's kind of cliché to say he's a different boxer than the first time they met, but in this case that certainly looks to be the case.

But Margarito can also claim a bit of a rebirth after his late rally against Paul Williams fell short last July. Tony annihilated Golden Johnson in one round in November, something that had to be good for his psyche.

I'm loathe to pick against Margarito because I respect his talent and this seems like it might be a case where one boxer just doesn't have the answer for the other's style. Even so, I must be drinking the Killer Kool-Aid (or just being a homer since he represents nearby Reading, PA) because I'm going with Cintron to avenge the defeat by a hard-fought decision.

There isn't as much need to do in-depth analysis of the co-feature between Miguel Cotto and Alfonso Gomez. Cotto is simply one of the best boxers in any weight class right now, combining power, toughness and underrated skill into one great package.

He's also fought and defeated some big time fighters, a category that doesn't include Gomez. Alfonso may have some good early rounds, but Cotto is too good and too strong. Even if Cotto is looking past Gomez, I don't think there's any reason not to pick Cotto by mid-round KO.

Uatu says...
That there's nothing to say.
Cotto by KO. Eh... Round 8.

Update: After seeing the weigh-in, Gomez is a bit bigger than Cotto. Not heavier, but taller. Something to keep in mind. Just in case. . .

Since the first Margarito fight, Cintron has kicked the butt of a lot of guys he should have kicked the butt of. Those fighters are not Margarito. Margarito is serious business. But, what Cintron did show in a great action fight against Estrada is that he can take and dish now. So, Margarito is not going to KO Kermit this time. Since Uatu sees Cintron making it to the end this time, this means Cintron will have a greater opportunity to work his offense as well. Margarito though will come out aggressive again too because of the Williams decision going against him. This has all the makings of a great fight to watch.

Margarito UD 12.
lots of fun, lots of action, tense moments both ways, both men give it their all and make fans all over the world.

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