Hopkins vs. Calzaghe Weigh-In

Checking out the weigh-in over at hbo.com.

Buffer healthy and back at it again sounding great.

Michael J. Fox and Sly Stallone in the house.

They are wasting no time.

JoeCal -173.

Bernard in the omni-present Affliction shirt.
Marco Antonio Barerra must have everything smoothed out with Golden Boy as he is behind Bernard for support.
173 for Hopkins too.

Looks like Enzo Mac is on stage too.

forehead to forehead posturing.
Huge grin from JoeCal.

Joe is all smiles. Bernard doing some pointing. Frank Warren and Schaeffer attempting to separate.
And off they go. The whole spectacle was less than five minutes.

Not the most exciting weigh-in, but still, they never fail to build excitement. Weigh-ins are a nice little touch that makes boxing so great, the fact that the two combatants have to meet face-to-face publicly the day before a fight.

Roy Jones in the house too. He goes on stage and shakes MAB's hand.
Shelley Finkel on stage shaking MAB's hand.

That's all, that's it.

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