Round By Round: Chad Dawson vs. Glen Johnson

We're waiting for the first of two light heavyweight fights to start tonight on Showtime. I was talking to the rest of the BoxingWatchers.com staff a little while ago and we were wondering which fight would be first. Looks like it will be Chad Dawson and Glen Johnson.

The announcers think Johnson looks good for 39, and discuss how he probably should have a few less losses because of questionable decisions. Dawson comes to the ring to Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar" and he looks confident.

It will be interesting to see if the crowd is behind Johnson, since he has lived in Florida for a while.

Round 1

Dawson opens with some jabs and Johnson comes forward as expected. Chad looks light on his feet and his hands look fast. He finds the range with a few straight lefts. Johnson lands a few counters as he tries to come in. Dawson also looking to the body. Nice combo to the body and head by Dawson. Now a nice right by Johnson. They trade right before the bell but Dawson landed more punches.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Dawson

Round 2

Dawson lands some quick shots but Johnson is on top of him and lands a few rights. The announcers think Chad is staying inside too much. Nice right-left combo by Chad. Johnson is able to pick off some shots to the head with his arms. Two nice lefts upstairs by Dawson. Johnson comes in behind a right and a left hook; Dawson stands his ground and returns fire. Johnson hit by a number of quick shots right as the round ends.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Dawson

Round 3

Johnson starting to make the jab work a bit though he's getting hit in the body setting it up. Dawson doing a bit better circling instead of going straight back. Johnson lands a few rights; Dawson beginning to find a target with the uppercut. Quick left by Chad and Glen scores with a counter riht. Now a flurry by Johnson and Dawson stands and returns fire. Another great exchange before the bell with Johnson landing a few big right hands. The crowd applauds that action.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Johnson

Round 4

The announcers think Dawson may have been hurt at the end of Round 3. He's throwing but his punches don't seem to be fazing Johnson. Nice right to the body by Glen. Dawson can't stay inside because Johnson is too effective in there. Straight lefts by Dawson and a right to the body. Big punches both ways. Right lands upstairs for Johnson. Now another gets through. Johnson slips at the bell and Dawson tries to jump on him. That was the closest round so far.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Dawson

Round 5

Johnson jabbing away and staying covered up. He lands a left and Chad responds with a combo. Inside rights by Johnson and he eats some coming back. Big right knocks Dawson backwards. Both men land to the body. Some vicious shots thrown by Johnson and they take some of the starch out of Chad. Now a left hook and a right upstairs. Johnson took control from the middle of the round onward.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Johnson

Round 6

I have to imagine Dawson is losing on the cards and Johnson hits harder, which is a tough combo to beat. Johnson finds the range with both hands inside. Now Dawson goes back to circling. Both guys throw lefts in the middle of the ring. Dawson digs to the body as Glen continues to stalk. The crowd boos because Dawson is retreating. He's picking his spots much better in this round. Johnson tries to steal the round at the end but I think Dawson fought that round very well.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Dawson

Round 7

Both boxers are getting very good advice from their corners. Dawson comes out moving and jabbing. Johnson goes to the body. Chad unleashes a combo but it was more sizzle than steak. Right by Johnson but Dawson's right in response is even bigger. That was the first time Glen's looked stunned so far tonight. Dawson looks like he's regained some confidence. Quick combo to the head by Chad. Johnson still coming forward but not throwing as many punches, and his jab has gone away. Both men trade with Johnson landing the biggest punch and Dawson landing quantity.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Dawson

Round 8

Dawson showing very good movement but Johnson looks more determined this round. His volume has definitely picked back up. Dawson tries a few lefts. Chad slips a right and goes back to his jab. He lands a few shots to the head in succession. Another quick combo that at least looks good. Body and head combo and Johnson lands a straight right in response. Right uppercut by Dawson. A nice exchange both ways. Johnson gets inside but Dawson throws back at the bell. Close round.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Dawson

Round 9

Johnson's corner told him he needs every round. He comes out like he thinks that's true. Nice right upstairs by Johnson and another. Dawson throws a combo and Johnson is caught off balance. Glen gets back inside and Chad dances away. Both guys find the range in the center of the ring. Nice straight left by Dawson. Right to the body by Johnson. Dawson goes upstairs as the round ends, and that was another close one.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Dawson

Round 10

Dawson's corner screaming at him to box and not get trapped inside. He lands early and circles away from Johnson. Chad works the head and body but the punches aren't that hard. Johnson goes to the body with a right. Nice left by Johnson but it's in the middle of a Dawson flurry. Big right by Johnson staggers Dawson and he's hurt! He's trying to close the show but Dawson is showing some heart. Wow, the action goes all the way to the bell and Dawson hangs in there.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Johnson

Round 11

We're going to learn something about Dawson now. He looks steady early on and is throwing with both hands. Johnson gets inside and lands some rights. Dawson soldiers on but he might be hurt again. Uppercut by Glen with Chad leaning on him. Now Dawson finding the range. Incredible action as both men are throwing bombs inside. Left hook by Johnson and he goes to the body. Dawson shows some late zip but Johnson lands a right to knock Dawson back. That was a fantastic round and very even.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Johnson

Round 12

Last round and it seriously could go either way. Dawson still has spring in his step early on. He's trying to keep it outside but Johnson pushes forward. Now Johnson finds the body and head. Big right and left by Glen. Dawson lands a mean uppercut in response. Johnson definitely showing no quit. Johnson with chopping rights in close as we hit 30 seconds to go. The crowd boos because Chad is backing away. Johnson paws to try to land a few more shots; Dawson seems content to play out the string. That was a great fight.

Franchise scores it: 10-9 Johnson

Franchise scores it 115-113 for Dawson. The judges score it 116-112, 116-112 and 116-112, all for the winner and still WBC light heavyweight champion, "Bad" Chad Dawson.

That's an unpopular decision but not a robbery by any means. Dawson fought a very smart fight and got great advice from his corner. Johnson did what everyone thought he would do, and in retrospect he probably needed that knockdown in the 10th round.

Johnson thinks he got ripped off and isn't happy because he says Dawson has the whole future ahead of him and he is nearing the end of his road. He says he'll definitely take a rematch but he thinks he should be getting it as the winner, not the loser. Dawson seems kind of amused by his foe's outburst.

Dawson says he'll stay at light heavyweight and doesn't seem as thrilled about a rematch as Johnson. He gives credit to Glen but he really seems to think he did enough to win.

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