BoxingWatchers.com Boxing Power Rankings - April 2008

We've been doing these rankings for a minute now, but for those new to the party, here's the disclaimer: this is not a pound-for-pound list. Instead, it's a pseudo-scientific measure of who's hot right now, with points earned for activity, winning decisively and facing opponents with good records. For another view, read one of our first posts: How Our Rankings Work.

Now that we've got that out of the way, here's a fresh batch of power rankings that's been shaken up a bit from all of the big fights over the past two months. Even so, there's a familiar name on top...

1. Miguel Cotto - 24.74 - He's probably not the best boxer in the world, but he does put in consistently excellent performances against tough competition. He'll have to do that again to get past Antonio Margarito in July.

2. David Haye - 24.15 - The Hayemaker has knocked out his last four foes and currently rules the cruiserweight division with two iron fists. Time will tell if he's biting off more than he can chew by moving up to heavyweight.

3. Kelly Pavlik - 19.51 - The Ghost should only increase his score in June when he steps in against Gary Lockett. Who? Exactly.

4. Wladimir Klitschko - 19.00 - Tony Thompson is up next for the heavyweight champ. It can't possibly be as dull as the Ibragimov fight... can it?

5. Manny Pacquiao - 16.61 - He got past Juan Manuel Marquez, but just barely. Pacman could flash his KO power of old against David Diaz in June.

6. Joe Calzaghe - 16.00 - A victory over Bernard Hopkins is impressive, no matter how razor-thin the margin. Calzaghe's immediate future seems to hold several lucrative possibilities.

7. Floyd Mayweather - 15.60 - What's the world's best boxer doing all the way down here? Not enough boxing, that's what.

8. Samuel Peter - 15.27 - The Nigerian Nightmare slugged his way past Oleg Maskaev and is all of a sudden looking scary good.

9. Israel Vazquez - 15.16 - This guy really needs to think about fighting someone other than Rafael Marquez. Not because we wouldn't love to see them go for four - we would - but because doing that on a regular basis can't be good for his health.

10. Chris John - 15.05 - Perhaps someday this guy will fight here in the U.S. so we can see if he's really as good as his record makes him appear.

The next 7: Arthur Abraham, Ricky Hatton, Juan Diaz, Nate Campbell, Antonio Margarito, Junior Witter, Shane Mosley

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uatu said...

Uatu disagrees with Samuel Peter looking scary good, or any kind of good recently. Not so sure he belongs. Time will tell.