Prediction: Roy Jones, Jr., vs. Felix "Tito" Trinidad

RJJ, easily. Tito looks a tiny bit spongy. Ironically, he weighed more than Jones. Uatu indicates RJJ, UD 12.

And Uatu cares not for the undercard and won't be watching it.

The Franchise says...

Most of me want to say that this is yet another in a string of fights that would be a lot more compelling if we could hop in a time machine and drag the past versions of these fighters to the present. Still, I thought the Mayorga-Vargas fight would be a debacle, and it turned out to be pleasantly entertaining. In that case both men were pretty evenly matched, or more precisely, they had faded from their primes at about the same rate.

I'm not so sure that's the case here. As hard as it is for me to shake off the mental images of Jones getting dropped by Antonio Tarver (which was stunning) or Glen Johnson (not as surprising but more brutal), my educated guess is that Roy simply has more left in the tank at the present time.

And that's what a fight like this comes down to: who has declined the least. My pick is Jones UD 12, probably easily enough to do as much showboating as he wants in the late round. Bolo punch, here we come! Maybe even the chicken wing...

Since Uatu passed on the undercard, I'll take a stab at it. I'm skipping Chop Chop Corley's fight though, as I simply don't know enough about his opponent, Devon Alexander.

In the other fights, I like:

Karmazin KO Bunema
And what the heck, Mollo KO Golota

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