Trinidad-Jones: Undercard LiveBlog

The 2nd undercard bout is at 154 pounds between Roman Karmazin and Alex Bunema. These fighters are reaching the twilight of their respective careers, Karmazin at 35 years old and Bunema 32. This fits the theme of the of tonight's main event.

The fight starts off slowly. Both fighters start with the strategy of inactivity and commentator Jim Lampley shares his distaste.

Karmazin's trainer Freddy Roach uses an interesting tactic of having Karmazin stand between rounds rather than sit on the stool. Whatever the reason, this is not helping Karmazin keep his hands up during the fight which are often found below his waist band but Bunema is not capitalizing.

Bunema uses very good head movement to dodge Karmazin's wide punches. Both fighter's punches look lackluster. If Bunema is winning rounds it is solely on defense and not accurate, hard punches.

In the middle rounds, the fight is unexciting. Both fighters look hesitant to throw, and the punches that are thrown look weak and rarely land flush.

The 7th is Karmazin's best round so far. Unfortunately it wasn't anything spectacular. Karmazin landed many jabs that land flush the the head of Bunema. Bunema is not phased.
Lampley continues to roast both fighters.

In the later rounds Bunema turns up his energy and Karmazin follows suit. I see no reason why they waited until the 10th round to fight.

Karmazin goes down to a hard left by Bunema in the 10th but Karmazin gets up before the 10 count. Bunema continues to pressure Karmazin and lands 2 hard shots and Karmazin falls into the corner and the ref calls it.

Bunema wins by TKO in the 10th.

St. Louis native Devon Alexander fights a seasoned Demarcus "Chop Chop" Corley at 140 pounds for the vacant WBC Continental Title. 20 year old Alexander has an undefeated record of 13 and 0, while Corley has 7 losses.

Alexander undoubtedly the busier fighter in the first rounds.

Alexander backs down Corley in the middle round 3 with a strong flurry. Corley takes the defensive, but survives the round.

Alexander keeps the strong offensive and continues to stagger Corley with straight lefts. Alexander is warned twice for low blows. They appear to be unintentional.

Towards the middle of the fight Corley looks tired. His punches are not connecting and when they do they lack power. Chop Chop is simply out-matched.

Corley gets his most punishing round in the 8th. Alexander lands several hard shots to Corley's head, but surprisingly stays up.

According to the Lederman Card and my personal opinion Corley hasn't won a round going into the 11th. Corley shows some signs of life but his punches are easily blocked by the defense of Alexander.

Alexander gets a point deducted in the 12th for a low blow. I seriously doubt that this will endanger his chance for a victory tonight. A bruised Corley does little to show that he wants to win the fight in the last round.

Alexander wins a unanimous decision and establishes that he is a new comer with skills.

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