Weigh-in Report: Jones vs. Trinidad

Update: per ESPNNEWS - Jones 169.5, Tito 170

predictions to come.

Uatu tuned in at 2:54, which is late.
At this point people are swearing and arguing over what appears to be the gloves.
Some one is yelling about clearing the stage.
Did the weigh-in happen, or not?
It doesn't look like it has started yet?
At one point someone yelled that there would be no fight, and some talk about having signed contracts. Hard to say what's going on.

Well, Mike Mollo has just hit the scales at 222.
Golota, 237.
Neither gentleman looks particularly ripped in terms of physique, but both looked reasonably toned and muscular considering they don't have to cut weight.

Now Don King is doing his thing. No need to transcribe his words.
But he does say that Jones and Trinidad are indeed arguing over gloves.

Bunema - 153
Uatu is thinking that Jones Trinidad weighed in first.
Too bad.
Karmazin - 151 3/4
Uatu would prefer "forged in hell" as opposed to "made in hell"

The announcer says St. Louis hats can only mean one thing. Alexander the Great.
St. Louis hats mean Cory Spinks normally, so that's garbage.
Alexander 138
Chop Chop 138 1/4

Now they are moving on to Collazo so it is clear they are moving down the card. Uatu would prefer rising action to crescendoing with Jones-Trinidad and not the other way around. This post ends unless anything worthwhile takes place.

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