Predictions: Williams-Quintana and Berto-Trabant

Uatu does not see it necessary to wait for the weigh-ins as is his usual practice. Williams TKO late. Berto KO early.

The Franchise says...

Paul Williams feels like he should be in a position to fight some of the sport's biggest names, but instead he's stuck with a less well-known opponent who happens to be no pushover. In this situation, boxers can either use the perceived slight as motivation or sulk and get beaten by overlooking the man they're actually fighting. I'm guessing we'll see the former from The Punisher.

Quintana is a rugged customer who gave Miguel Cotto a pretty decent scrap for five rounds back in late 2006. But Williams has big advantages in height and reach, has a relentless punch output and youth is on his side. He may have a little trouble getting Quintana out of there, so I'm going with Williams UD 12.

As for Berto, this is the kind of fight he simply must win, and win convincingly, if he's going to continue his rise to stardom. Judging by the lack of recognizable names his opponent Michel Trabant has fought, there's no reason to think Berto won't take care of business. Berto by KO.

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