Ricky Hatton to be Guest Host of WWE Raw on November 9

As the song goes, there's only one Ricky Hatton. And it seems even Vince McMahon realizes this.

Confirmed by that paragon of British journalism, The Sun, Hatton will follow in Floyd Mayweather's footsteps and serve as the guest host of WWE Raw when the show hits the Sheffield Arena on November 9. According to the tabloid, the WWE wanted someone from England who was also well known in the U.S., and Hatton certainly fits the bill - though unfortunately many folks in the States know him best for getting knocked out by Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

For those who aren't up on their scripted fighting, the guest host fills the role formerly played by the (storyline) General Manager, setting up matches, making announcements and the like. Other recent hosts include personalities from the NFL (Ben Roethlisberger), NASCAR (Kyle Busch and Joey Logano), music (Snoop Dogg) and television (Bob Barker).

Hatton actually has the perfect personality for a gig like this, so it should be a fun show.

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