Fight Camp 360: Episode 1 Recap

Fight Camp 360 is Showtime's answer to HBO's 24/7 or countdown series. It's a documentary style behind the scenes look into Showtime's Super Six World Boxing Classic.

It starts with ESPN's Dan Rafael discussing how this tournament came to be. There's some great footage of George Foreman and Mike Tyson commenting on how big a deal the tournament is.

Carl Froch is shown at dinner with his wife and family discussing his fight against Taylor and what the tournament means to him.

Next is Andre Direll. He's been training at Big Bear, California. He's been close with his father and he's dedicating his performance in the tournament to him.

Jermain Taylor gets the floor now. He's met with doctors to see why he's been getting tired late in his fights. They say it's because he's been losing weight too fast. Since then he's completely changed his training style.

Showtime now focuses on the meeting between all of the fighter's promoters. There were long conversations discussing how the tournament would be scheduled and who would face who.

Arthur Abraham gets focus now. He talks about how he got into the sport. He idolized Mike Tyson growing up and he says that this tournament will get him to where he wants to be in boxing.

That's it. It was a great look into the 4 boxers that fight next week.

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